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Venture Creation Course. Part 1

Venture Creation Course. Part 1

Course: Seedplus Module 1

Level: beginner

Format: online

Availability: Always available (for online completion)

October 9 - November 15, 2023 (accompanied by mentors)

Project and funding in the EU: Implemented within the framework of the SEEDplus project (Horizon Europe program).

The overall objective of the SEED+ project is to foster entrepreneurial activity through entrepreneurial education and supporting activities that will lead towards increased youth venture-creation and self-employability in the emerging and moderate innovation ecosystems. The consortium will achieve this objective by designing activities that will

(i) support the development of entrepreneurial competences among students,

(ii) strengthen the capacity of universities to support emerging innovators, and

(iii) boost entrepreneurial activity in local innovation ecosystems and scale it up across Europe. SEED+ brings together a diverse group of partners from the academia, business, and non-profit sectors from emerging, moderate, strong and leading innovation regions.