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Quantum technologies

Quantum technologies are a breakthrough in the development of information technology, a new era in the physical knowledge of the world. Quantum computing allows the most complex tasks to be solved in a matter of seconds or minutes, opens up completely new horizons in the computer, telecommunications, chemical, medical and financial industries. Today the world is experiencing the second quantum revolution, and therefore, dozens of successful business projects on quantum technologies are waiting for us in the next decades.

In Academ.City, the Kyiv Academic University is responsible for the development of quantum technologies, within which the Center for Quantum Materials and Technologies operates.


Bioengineering and biomedicine, cell technologies, bioremediation - biotech is one of the main industries of the future. The global biotechnology market will be estimated at $ 2.5 trillion by 2030. This is more than 15 economies of Ukraine! Biotechnology of the future promises us new methods of treating serious diseases, new types of food, plants, animals and even the type of people. Therefore, we predict that the number of inventions and innovations in the field will go off scale over the next decade.

New energy

The search for renewable energy sources is one of the most important tasks of mankind. Today this market unites talented scientists, progressive companies and billions of investments. Ukrainian science has been dealing with the issue of new energy for the last thirty years, so we have an unconditional advantage in expertise over competitors.

More than 16 scientific institutes are working on the problems of new energy. Among them are Kurdyumov Institute of Metal Physics, Frantsevich Institute of Materials Science, Gas Institute, ...

Innovative developments cover the widest possible range of green energy types. These are fundamentally new technologies for energy extraction from air and water, environmentally friendly solar panels, a full range of solutions for the production, storage and use of hydrogen.

Ecology and environmental protection

The global market of eco-goods and eco-services is growing at double-digit rates every year. The focus on reducing the ecological burden on the environment is a global priority both at the level of states and at the level of conscious buyers. That is why eco-technologies occupy top positions among the most promising areas of future technologies.

Ukrainian scientific experience in environmental developments can undoubtedly be called advanced. Innovative eco-technologies in Academ.City cover the areas of water and air purification, form a fundamentally new approach to the processing of solid and liquid waste, as well as the disposal of contaminated waste. Separately, technologies for working with nuclear materials and territories stand out.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Robots are a mainstay of science fiction literature, a symbol of the future. Even today, artificial intelligence chooses a route and drives us to our destination on its own, diagnoses our bodies, and performs routine or potentially dangerous operations at work. Virtual doctors, assistants, smart home appliances, and, of course, androids are coming. The annual growth of the global deep learning market is estimated at 42% and is expected to cross the $20 billion mark this decade. Hurry up and take your place!

Leading institutes
KAU Data Research Center
Kurdyumov Institute of Metallophysics
Institute for Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems
Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics
Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M. Glushkov
in cooperation with Humboldt-University zu Berlin (Germany) and University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Main research areas

Development of new approaches and mathematical methods in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence and their application in future technologies:

  • new nanomaterials
  • bioinformatics
  • integrative biology
  • experimental data processing
  • high energy physics
  • environmental ecology

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Nanotubes are probably the most multifunctional and promising invention of recent decades. They have found their application in dozens of industries, from textiles and cosmetics to medicine and rocketry. Nanofibers make it possible to create entirely new materials with excellent properties. And innovative nanocoatings open up new horizons for the use of traditional materials.

Leading institutes
Franzevich Institute of Problems of Materials Science
Chuyko Institute of Surface Chemistry
Ovcharenko Institute of Biological Chemistry

Areas of expertise

  • Nanomaterials materials and coatings based on nanotubes that provide unique properties to known materials
  • Nanomedicine processes of interaction of metal nanoparticles with biological systems of different levels of organization in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Nanopharmaceutics biological activity and biomechanical processes of metal nanoparticles as a basis for drugs

Institutes within Academ.City


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