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Think Tank

Think Tank

The Analytical Center at the Kyiv Academic University is a highly specialized research institution (unit) that focuses on conducting detailed analytical research in the areas of sustainable development of innovation systems, science of science and economics of science. Our center brings together renowned scientists, experts and researchers who dedicate their work to revealing key aspects of these areas.

Our research:

  1. Sustainability of innovation systems: Our research is aimed at identifying the interrelationships between technological, economic, and socio-cultural factors that contribute to sustainable growth and development.
  2. "Science of Science: research on scientific activity itself. Our researchers analyze the dynamics of research activity and the interaction between scientific fields.
  3. Economics of science: we study the economic aspects of R&D, including investments in science, the economic efficiency of scientific activity, the interaction between academia and industry, and the impact of scientific achievements on social and economic development.

Methods of our research:

The Think Tank at the Kyiv Academic University plays an important role in creating new knowledge and promoting scientific and innovative advancement. Our team aims to provide high quality research that helps to unlock the potential of scientific and innovative activities to achieve sustainable development and advance society.

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