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The Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the provision of digital services based on the cloud cluster of the Ukrainian National Network (NOSC-UA HUB - Virtual Center for Digital Science), which is supported by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The NOSC-UA hub is designed to provide common functions and localized services delegated at the community level, integrating existing resources in data centers compatible with the European e-infrastructure. Service provision is based on locally-oriented subsidiarity (e.g., national and disciplinary nodes are linked to pan-European nodes).

Partners of NOSC-UA:

1. DIHs in Ukraine and Europe:

2. More than 50 international partners (grant projects)

3. More than 10 SMEs

Services of NOCS-UA DIH:

  1. joint development and piloting of digital innovation projects
  2. investment support and fundraising
  3. access to the innovation ecosystem and networking
  4. development of digital skills through education
  5. provision of digital services

Joint development and piloting of digital innovation projects:

  1. Strategic support to Research Development and Innovation (RDI) (e.g., joint, pre-competitive R&D…)
  2. Contract research (e.g. specific R&D, Technology concept development/ Proof of Concept…)
  3. Technical support on scale up (e.g. concept validation, prototyping…)
  4. Provision of infrastructure (e.g. support in cloud technology infrastructure usage, data platform services (i4Trust, DataverseUA, EOSC, EGI)

Digital services:

  1. Cloud Technologies (e.g. Access to cloud learning platforms for research and innovation that require Big data processing, computing and modelling, Access to cloud resources for computing, Cloud services development, assistance concerning cloud innovation resources provided by EOSC Marketplace)
  2. AI (e.g. Research of datasets and propose of approach, Neural network modelling, testing and training, Application development, Cloud service for Neural network tasks calculation, Business consulting for ML implementation)
  3. Data Sharing and Handling (e.g., Data sharing across their value chain based on the i4Trust Data Spaces and building blocks, frameworks, and expertise of @FIWARE and @iSHARE, digital twins)
  4. Blockchain (e.g. Architecture design for blockchain-based software systems, Development of private blockchains using HyperLedger Fabric, Business consulting on usage of blockchain technology for ledgers, NFT-based projects – digital art marketplace, Consultancy on use of blockchain platform for cybercrime evidence artefacts ledger)
  5. Cybersecurity (e.g. DDoS protection for SME, EDR Endpoint Detection and Response, SOC (EDR and e-discovery), PABX and VoIP Security, PAM Privileged Access Management, Security Policy Maintenance)

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