We start working on a new European project TRUSTFOOD!

We start working on a new European project TRUSTFOOD!

12 December 2022

Kyiv Academic University, Academ.City and the Digital Innovation Hub NOSC-UA DIH are starting work on a new European project TRUSTFOOD. This is the first project in Ukraine in the Digital Europe program. Our team first won a grant from Digital Europe as part of a consortium of 14 partners representing 10 European countries. 

The aim of the project is to develop advanced digital skills of SMEs and job seekers by providing access to high-quality specialized training courses reflecting the latest developments in blockchain technology. The project targets food market participants at all stages of the production chain.

Within the project, short-term training courses will be developed and conducted to improve the skills and retraining of company employees. Special attention will be focused on digital skills and knowledge of Blockchain technology for SME owners, managers and employees in the food supply sector. The courses will last from 1 to 6 months, will be as practical as possible and will provide information on

  • how to implement blockchain innovations for business transformation and expansion;
  • how to use the latest digital technologies to increase the trust of partners and stakeholders;
  • how to integrate blockchain into digital tools necessary for employees' operational activities.

You can follow the project news in order to join educational courses and other activities in time by subscribing to the project pages on social networks:

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Digital Europe: the European organization representing the digital technology industry. It includes 98 large technology companies and 41 national trade associations. Ukraine joined the Digital Europe funding programs in September 2022.