Round table "New competencies for Industry 5.0 and data management for higher education institutions

Round table

10 October 2022

Academ.City visited the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, round table "New competencies for Industry 5.0 and data management for higher education institutions".

Academ.City project experts discussed the opportunities for educational institutions to develop Industry 5.0 skills and use data analysis to improve educational programs.

Partners of the roundtable from Northwestern University presented their own experience of involving representatives of business and public organizations to form student tasks and disciplines aimed at training engineers.

Academ.City partner Bohdan Ponomar, CEO of AI HOUSE Club, the leading community for the development of artificial intelligence in Ukraine, spoke about the importance of horizontal connections in promoting innovative ideas and bringing educational programs closer to market needs.

We talked about important things:

 Can Ukraine use the experience of American universities in training innovators and engineers.

 What joint projects between universities and business are relevant now?

 What are the prospects of the National Plan for the Implementation of Open Science in Ukraine, approved in October 2022?

 How should the data and knowledge management system be built in higher education institutions and what are J-organizations.

The organizers also invite to submit abstracts or articles for the publication of a collection based on the results of the discussion. So, if you have developments in the field of open data, industry 5.0 competencies, data analytics in higher education institutions and see ways to improve educational programs and educational trajectories, send materials to the organizing committee at

— abstracts — by November 6, 2022;

— article — until December 20, 2022.

Examples of abstracts can be found at the link: