KAU is Among the Partners of the New Horizon Project WEnnovate

KAU is Among the Partners of the New Horizon Project WEnnovate

03 January 2024

In the end of the year 2023 a new HORIZON Interconnected Innovation Ecosystem project titled “Co-creating more connected ecosystems to transition European innovation” (WEnnovate) has been launched. The WEnnovate project is a collaborative effort to create new systems and solutions to address urgent complex and systemic challenges.

It will last 12 months and will be focused on the transition to sustainable renewable energy and cross-sector activities in energy and digital innovations, aligned with the the Sustainable Development Goals and the New European Innovation Agenda. Social entrepreneurs and professionals play a  critical role in developing new solutions to societal problems and environmental challenges, making them important drivers of  innovation.

The project's partners come from Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the Netherlands, with a  complementary role in ensuring the widest possible engagement of dialogue with ecosystem actors and the sound delivery of  transitional action plans:

- Stitching Sustainable Scale up Foundation (NL)

- G-Force SRO (SK)

- Kyiv Academic University (UA)

- Fond Rozvytku Innovacij (UA)

- Unify Energy BV (NL)

- Provincie Utrecht (NL)

- Design Terminal (HU)

The aim of the project is to make clean energy usage accessible to every European, support local energy communities, and promote energy sharing. Over the course of 12 months, the consortium will implement research and develop a common methodology for building collaboration among partners, analysing existing innovation plans and strategies, identifying areas invaluable to sustainable economic growth, and mapping deficiencies, needs, and opportunities. The consortium will also coordinate and jointly develop its programs, encouraging alignment of regulations affecting the innovation scene based on the guidelines of the New European Innovation Agenda and creating new frameworks to support ecosystems.

The project is planned to be implemented in two phases:

1) Research phase: focusing on entrepreneurs with socially impactful deep-tech and digital


2) Stakeholder engagement phase: focusing on involving industrial stakeholders for faster

alignment of regulatory policies and action plans.