Master Class in Sustainable Business models in Zagreb on 5th May 2023

Master Class in Sustainable Business models in Zagreb on 5th May 2023

05 May 2023

We invite everyone who doesn't know what business models or sustainability or sustainable business models are, to attend a master class with Ksenia Dafi

Ksenia specializes in developing companies that are a sustainable alternative to unicorns. If unicorns' main goal is to grow and create economic value, zebras work to positively change the world and create value in all end results.

Join the master class, where Ksenia will tell you how to create and develop innovative projects that are aimed at achieving balance and sustainability and are developed according to the principle of sustainable development.

Ksenia is a director of a small team of consultants based in Aarhus specializing in business development. Through innovative and strategic processes, the team helps entrepreneurs, companies and organizations across the country explore new business opportunities that create greater environmental, social and economic value.

An international outlook, diverse backgrounds, and experience from different cultures and types of organizations allow the team to look at clients' problems and ideas from different perspectives and provide more creative solutions that have an impact in the long run.


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