Entry point
to the new economy

mission and goals

We create an ecosystem for the high-tech innovations.

We build the platform for fruitful cooperation between the scientists and businesses, between the young startup teams and venture investors.

We envisage Academ.City as a place of inspiration and discoveries, generation of ideas and excessive profits.

A place of
science and business interaction


Innovation development in any country always sprouts around the scientific centers.
Academ.City has the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a solid bulwark of science, at its core.


Academ.City is hosted at the Kyiv Academic University, the sole Ukrainian higher education institution, which conceptually relies on "education through research" and the direct involvement of students in scientific and innovative activity.


Academ.City is the first deep tech park in Ukraine, where one can create a breakthrough-innovative product on the base of scientific developments.

in numbers
7deep tech areas of expertise
13 research institutes
35 research facilities
2399 Doctors of Science
6620 PhD
14000 researchers
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