KAU together with leading universities discussed the feasibility of academic matchmaking platforms

KAU together with leading universities discussed the feasibility of academic matchmaking platforms

03 March 2023

In early March, leading European universities shared their experience of using web platforms aimed at combining science and business as part of a digital workshop of the 4Innopipe project. Experts from the University of Helsinki (Finland) spoke about building their own HeLS Connect platform, which should connect university researchers and students with pharmaceutical market participants. The University of Reutlingen (Germany) presented its own platform for the development of the regional innovation ecosystem Pioniergarten

One of the challenges discussed was the inability of local platforms to generate sufficient networking activity on their own, as they require facilitation in the process of their functional use for specific tasks, and they also require a significant amount of resources. Another challenge that was considered was joining large specialized digital networks that have their own communities and operate on their own platforms on a European or global scale.  Volodymyr Nochvay, Head of the Open Innovation Lab, shared his experience, representing the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) of the NOSC-UA DIH Kyiv Academic University. By joining the digital hub community, the Kyiv hub has already managed to support several successful Ukrainian digital startups and start implementing digital projects with the help of European partners. For example, Agrifootprint, a startup aimed at creating a cloud-based application that will allow farmers from different EU countries to count CO2 emissions and thus track their environmental impact, managed to raise €120 thousand for all partners working on this technology last year.

Academ.city community, as a representative of international innovation ecosystems, will use such opportunities of international digital networks to spread innovative ideas, find funding and partners.  We invite you to cooperate in the following project activities!



The 4InnoPipe project is implemented within the framework of the EIT HEI initiative (European Institute of Innovation and Technology for Higher Education Institutions)