Training course on commercialization of scientific projects

Training course on commercialization of scientific projects

08 August 2022

We invite students, postgraduate students and scientists of IAU to attend the training course "Innovation Management" which will allow you to gain knowledge on the commercialization of scientific projects under the mentorship of leading professors from Germany, Finland, Croatia and Ukraine. The course is implemented online on the basis of Kyiv Academic University. 

Within the framework of the Academ.City Science Park project, KAU is working to create training courses on innovation management for university students, graduate students and young scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. These courses are important for them to gain knowledge of modern management of innovation projects and develop skills in technology commercialization both in Ukraine and in the EU. 

As part of the implementation of this educational program, KAU is implementing the project "Strengthening Innovation Communication for Influential Universities" (4INNOPIPE), an initiative of the European Institute of Technology for Higher Education Institutions (EIT HEI).  This project aims to promote the development of innovations based on STEM areas, in particular those designed to improve human health and preserve the environment: food technology, environmental innovation and sustainable pharmaceuticals. KAU partners in the project are the University of Reutlingen (Germany), the University of Helsinki (Finland) and Zagreb Business School (Croatia). Together these leading universities have developed a unique course for students who have innovative ideas and want to learn how to commercialize them to create and develop startups. 

During the course, students will gain valuable knowledge on the basics of modern innovation in the EU and acquire skills in implementing scientific and technical projects according to European principles. The course is open to both beginners and participants with previous entrepreneurial experience. After successful completion of the training course, participants will be issued an international certificate.


The course is developed under the guidance of Lubomir Macech, PhD, leading lecturer at ESB Business School, University of Reutlingen, an expert in social entrepreneurship, leadership, networking and social innovation, who conducts corporate trainings for such global brands as Daimler AG, Bosch Global, Panasonic Deutschland, Infineon Technologies AG, as well as a number of companies in the IT industry. The discipline has a pronounced practical orientation participants work on ideas in teams, starting with the study of social or environmental problems, identifying the problem that can be solved by a particular innovation, continuing with the development of a value proposition and business model and ending with mastering the art of pitch presentation, effective presentation of their project to potential investors. The best teachers and trainers from Germany, England, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, USA, Switzerland and Denmark are involved in teaching.    

The training course is designed in such a way that you can master it without having skills in innovation, and on the other hand, it will be very interesting for participants who already have a startup business idea or have already started working on their startup. By working on their own project, participants will make significant progress in its promotion, because the course will allow them to cope with the following challenges of commercialization of the idea

- team building; 

- working in an international and cross-functional team; 

- time and workload management; 

- fast decision-making; 

- developing the ability to use data to justify the decision and its implementation. 


Teams will also have the opportunity to participate in mentoring sessions from course lecturers (3-5 hours per team depending on the chosen learning model).

The course ends with an international pitch competition (final exam) with competitions in certain categories the best sustainable business, the best model of women's participation, the best digital business model. The winners will receive prizes.

 Technical details of the training course

 Participants can choose one of two training models:

1) 3-credit (3 ECTS - 30 hours of classroom training/group work + 40 hours of independent work + 20 hours of diary (writing reflections)/ final exam) 

2) 5-credit (5 ECTS - 150 hours (50 hours of classroom training and preparation / group work + 70 hours of independent work + 30 hours of diary (writing reflections)/ final exam).

The period of the training course: 19.09.2022-15.12.2022

The course program (syllabus) in Ukrainian can be found here

The language of the course is English

Completion of the course provides for obtaining a certificate of the Center for Entrepreneurship of the University of Reutlingen for the fulfillment of certain requirements mandatory attendance of the first and second blocks of the course with writing a mini-essay on the materials of each lesson (reflection paper), preparation of a presentation and a final exam (participation in a pitching session). 

In Ukraine, the course is administered by the Kyiv Academic University. Participation is free of charge upon registration via the link. and confirmation from the Center for Entrepreneurship of the University of Reutlingen. 

In case of any questions, please contact:

on administrative issues Natalia Garashchenko, e-mail:;

on course content issues Lubomyr Macekh, e-mail: Lyubomyr.Matsekh-Ukrayinskyy@Reutlingen-University.DE