The latest achievements of additive technologies and 3D printing. Post-announcement.

The latest achievements of additive technologies and 3D printing. Post-announcement.

12 December 2022

The urgent task of today is the application of new technologies and developments in everyday life in order to improve both the living conditions of mankind and to reduce the consumption of energy, materials, time, etc. in the manufacture of various products. One of the promising ways to solve this urgent task is the introduction of the latest achievements in the field of additive technologies in various spheres of human life.

Thus, the International Institute of Modern Technologies (IIT) in cooperation with the Kyiv Academic University, Academ.City project and the International Institute of Business held an international online conference on December 7-8, 2022.

During the meeting, the latest developments of researchers from the United States and Ukraine in the fields of medicine and prosthetics, dental devices, production of metal-ceramic materials for instrumental purposes, etc. were discussed and presented.

The conference was attended by more than twenty of the world's best technology developers, manufacturers of equipment, software and materials, as well as leading Ukrainian experts in the field, who spoke for two days.

What was talked about:

Mr. Mark Abshire, AMUG, USA

"Development of additive manufacturing with the philosophy "For users, by users"

Mr. Kirill Volchek, President of Oqton, USA

"Design for additive manufacturing"

Ms. Natalia Skornitskaya, SMARTTECH

"Modern detailed quality control in additive manufacturing with the latest SMARTTECH3D quality station"

Dr. Ostap Zgalat-Lozynskyi, Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NAS of Ukraine / KAU, Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science, Ukraine

"3D printing and materials science: achievements and prospects of development in Ukraine"

Ms. Oleksandr Matviychuk, PhD in Technical Sciences, Doctoral Candidate, Senior Researcher at the V.M. Bakul Institute of Superhard Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

"Adaptation of 3D printing technology by FDM method for the production of metal-ceramic materials for tool purposes"

Dr. Alex Medzhiritsky, PhD in Photochemistry at Bowling Green State University, President of Formlabs Ohio, USA

"Photosensitive materials for 3D printing"

Mr. Calum Stewart, PhD student at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Director of European Defense Programs SPEE3D, USA

"Using Cold Spray technology for military applications"

Mr. Omer Turan, Sales Manager, Northern and Eastern EMEA, Stratasys, USA

"Recent advances in 3D printing technologies"

Mr. Dmytro Kovalchuk, OJSC "Chervona Khvylia", Ukraine

"Economical additive manufacturing of high-quality metal products using profile electron beams"

Ms. Oleksandra Pravdyva, Grant Office Coordinator, KAU economist, Ukraine

"Grant opportunities for the development of 3D printing technologies"

conference participants.

Mr. Alexey Solntsev, CEO of SmartZavod, Ukraine

"Recent advances in 3D printing technologies"

Professor, Dr. Matt Cressey, Integrated Design and Management Program at MIT, Innovation Advisor and Trustee at the New England Innovation Academy (NEIA), Massachusetts, USA

"Human-centered design"

Prof. Dr. Alexander Mertens, Director of the International Institute of Modern Technologies; National Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; International Institute of Business "IIMT Educational Programs"

Dr. Oleksiy Milenin, Paton Institute of Electric Welding of NASU/KAU, Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science, Ukraine

"Scientific education for additive manufacturing: approaches and experience of Kyiv Academic University"

Mr. Yuriy Bogomol, Professor, Head of the Department of High Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy, Igor Sikorsky National Technical University of Ukraine

"3D printing technique in education and research of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Mr. Eugene Hiller, International Institute of Modern Technologies; PALITRA, USA

Mr. Vyacheslav Demin, Director, Founder of "Doctor Invest", President of Titan-Med, Ukraine

"3D printing of titanium endoprosthesis"

Ms. Victoria Stogina, Medical Director of VixClinic, dentist, dental surgeon, Ukraine

"New applications of additive manufacturing in healthcare and dentistry"

More details about the program of speeches of all participants can be found here.

Also, you can listen to the video of the speeches of all participants of the conference.