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Kyiv Academic University Science and Technology Center (STC KAU) is at the core of Academ.City innovation ecosystem. Founded with support of the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, the Center creates organizational and infrastructural opportunities for commercialization, in cooperation with businesses, of science-heavy technologies developed at the NAS of Ukraine. STC KAU ensures the transfer of knowledge, facilitates access to the newest scientific developments and technologies for small and medium enterprises, contributes to the development of Ukrainian economy.

Sturcture of STC KAU

Scientific consulting lab

Evaluating market perspectives of the scientific developments
Implementing business-models of innovation commercialization
Arranging the interaction between scientific and entrepreneurial communities
Facilitating deep tech projects financing
Consulting technology transfer activities
Providing technology scouting services, scientific and technological expertise services, R&D to order.
Broadening the entrepreneurial outlook among scientists 
Providing educational programmes in marketing of innovative activity, commercialization of innovations and technology transfer 
Teaching incubation courses and conducting acceleration programs for deep tech startups 

Education and innovations laboratory

Research and production laboratory

Creating conditions for experimental manufacturing
Providing services on prototyping and manufacturing of pre-production models of inventions
Digitalizing processes of research, design and engineering, preparation of engineering documentation
3D-printing with metal and plastic
Providing information support to innovative businesses  
Creating video-presentations of new developments and achievements in Ukraine  
Informing about scientific achievements through internet-radio Academ FM  
Popularizing scientific and technological creativeness  

Media laboratory of creative industries

For whom we work

Scientists Inventors Venture investors Representatives of innovation ecosystem Developers Students Deep tech startups Innovative enterprises